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WaveServer Product Line Extension

23 Mar 2016
Stream Labs added the new device to the product lineup of their IP WaveServer solution - WaveServer DVI-IPPro. Stream Labs added the new device to the product lineup of their IP WaveServer solution - WaveServer DVI-IPPro. The new device is a compact, single-channel encoder of DVI-D/HDMI signal with the embedded and external audio support. The encoder is intended for real-time signal encoding and transmission in the H.264 SD/HD RTP/RTSP (UDP, TCP, HTTP) format with the resolution up to 1080p.

WaveServer  DVI-IP Pro has bypass input/output DVI-D/HDMI, that allows it to pass through the signal without any delay with two bypass mini jack 3.5 and with two Ethernet ports, one of which supports PoE.

The new device can be used for different problem solving. For example, it can be used for recapture of DVI-D/HDMI signal, going from the computer to the monitor. Along with the video signal it is also possible in parallel to recapture audio signals, going from the microphone and to the loudspeakers/headphones. All captured signals are encoded in the IP stream, which is possible to broadcast in Internet or pass to the recording control system.

The another way of operation – HDMI signal capture(with the embedded audio) from different devices: video cameras, mediaplayers, STB etc. for further usage.

DVI-IP Pro is fully compatible with the Onvif Device Manager managed from device or from built in web-interface.

The new encoder complements WaveServer product lineup, which consists of the following devices WaveServer VCL SDIMini (SDI-IP), WaveServer 3554 (4xCVBS-IP) and WaveServer Enterprise – module solution for CVBS encoding.

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