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New Stream MultiRec features: MPEG TS broadcasting and Onvif devices support

19 Apr 2016

System for control of recording Stream MultiRec is multipurpose solution for automated multi-channel management of recording of TV and radio broadcast.


Stream MultiRec works with multiple channels and various types of AV-signals and transport streams (SD/HD-SDI, CVBS, TS via ASI/IP).


We constantly work on enhancement of the  system and its functionality. In the last version we have introduced broadcasting of transport stream from archive to local network, which works in 2 modes:

·         Preview – broadcasting of data for visual control of input TV signals that has been lately added to the archive,

·         Time-shift – broadcasting with the adjusted time shift.


In addition, support for reception and recording of RTSP and Onvif streams devices has been implemented in a new version. These streams are generated by devices used for video surveillance in security systems. This feature allows using of our portable ip-coders WaveServer VCL-SDI MINI, WaveServer DVI-IP Pro and WaveServer 3554 (and third-party Onvif devices as well) jointly with Stream MultiRec system.