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Dual ASI/SDI Output or 1 Input + 1 Output ASI card

Universal ASI/SDI input/output adapter for PC-based applications that record, play and/or process MPEG-2\H.264 transport stream.

It can be used as a basis for creation of on-air graphic design systems (CG-systems) and broadcasting video servers.


  • Two independent ASI/SDI ports: Input + Output or Dual Output (software-selectable)
  • Each port can carry either DVB-ASI up to 216Mbps or full-frame 10-bit SDI
  • Adaptive cable equalisation and inverted ASI
  • Low-Profile PCI Express x1 card; Shipped with both low- and standard-profile brackets
  • Watchdog-controlled input-to-output relais for redundant configurations
  • Flexible receive modes with time-stamping, packet sequence counting
  • SDI lossless Huffman encoding / decoding
  • Bit-rate measurement and statistics
  • 32/64-bit device driver for Windows, DirectShow filtres, SDK



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