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VgCast - CG software

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VGCast – engine’ software for SD|HD

Transport Streams Mpeg-2|H.264|RTMP
Supported any Blackmagic Decklink cards and Stream Labs cards
Possibility to use multichannel graphic card(VGA) for displaying information on monitors or projectors through DVI|HDMI
Possibility to overlay graphic on pass-through video signal or use Fill + Key mode.
Result of the system output can also be written in the video file (with alpha channel) for using in video editing systems.
VGCast can be used as server – client with all VG applications in network via TCP|IP. This allows dynamically change and upload templates and data for templates.
Not limited number of layers, the static and dynamic elements, any file formats, graphic and video files, any codecs, crawls, rolls.
There are Analog and digital clocks. Possibility to show a couple of clocks simultaneously in different time zones, synchronization with an accurate time source for Time code.
Logotypes: static and dynamic (animated) logo with alpha channel.
Interactive: SMS-chat, voting, moderation messages.
For text elements like crawl, roll - possible to use data from external sources - CSV, XML and ODBC. This allows to insert text in prepared templates in real time.
It's possible to create complex effects for output elements of graphic design.
Business information: dynamic charts and graphs (2D and 3D).

VGEdit– CG formation and editing

VGEdit allows to create static and dynamic titers using multilayer graphic elements and compositions.
It allows to create Logotype, Clocks, Crawls, Rolls, Temperature, etc...
VGEdit can play video files(with embedded audio), audio files and incoming Transport Streams.
Video and audio files can be used in different formats, codecs and resolutions.
All elements in composition can have different effects. Complex effects are created from base mixers, motions, scale, alpha-wipes and etc…
Operator can prepare templates and effects before on air and then play them to on air quickly and easily.
VGCast can works simultaneously with a coupleofindepended channels(for example on air and preparation material)
Possibility to control CG via TCP that allows easily integrate system in studio with GPI interface.

VGMapi – SMS-chat

VGMapi allows to display on air sms in real time. SMS can be displayed with roll or crawl effects – depends on the  template loaded in VGCast.
The program has two modes: downloading messages from the mail box, or reading files in the specified folder. Both modes can be used simultaneously.

VGSport – Titrage for Sport events in real time SD|HD   
Modern requirements for graphic design of sport events include not only graphical elements such as timer and score of the game, but also the variety of statistical information.

Using special interfaces designed for specific sports games, the operator can instantly show the required titer, which displays actual information of the state of the game.
In the case of complex dynamic games (f.i. basketball) uses separate systems for collection statistical information, and then collected data promptly come in CG system.
At this moment we have solutions for Football, Basketball, Tennis, Show Jumping.

VGSlomo – Slow motion playback for SD|HD
Any file formats with intra-frame compression (codec I-frame-only).

Speed scale and interface can be modified for operator needs (settings are in external files).
Scalablenumber of channels forrecording and playback.
Possibility to playback by steps, both forward and backward.
Positioning in file's time line – by frame, by second, by minute,by hour
Supports external devices Jog|Shuttle.

Examples of customized interfaces:

This interface is for referee place. Here is 5 inputs like multiviewer.
Configured interface with 3 input windows, 1 output in the center, and 3 windows slomo-preview.
Interface with 1 input window and 1 slomo-preview.

VGRec – Multichannel recording software in SD|HD

-Containers:  MOV, AVI, MXF and etc..

-Codecs: MPEG-2, DV, DVCPRO, DVCPRO HD, Apple ProRes etc.
-Scalable architecture.
-Recording in MOV, MXF file formats with time code.Time code can be used from SDI source or from external devices.
-Review video from all sources during recording.
-Contains  segmented record mode.
-Possibility to record one channel in a couple of different formats.
-Possibility to record one source in a couple of files to different locations(f.i. to internal storage and to external HDD).

Customised applications
TV Game Shows, talk shows, quiz: Interact with a variety of sensors and devices, management studio equipment (eg, lighting) and by different mechanisms, the issuance of sound. Use of the system allows you to change VgCast graphics and sound design of the game in accordance with the logic and rules of the game or show. For those events that are shot in recording the result of the system can also be recorded in video format MOV or AVI with alpha channel for use in nonlinear editing systems.

System for collecting and displaying information for the jury. Jurors can enter their evaluation using the numeric keypad (or specialized devices such as Jog-Shuttle) and this information is displayed on the monitor and / or transmitted to the graphic design of or studio.
Data collection in the voting systems in the studio. With the help of dedicated buttons and controllers can collect data on the reaction of the audience in the hall and the mapping of this reaction in the form of charts or graphs

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