Hardware and software for TV stations operation management

Stream Labs manufactures and supplies professional television hardware and software for central and regional television companies, satellite and cable television, music, news informational and sports channels and programs.

MultiScreen and MultiRec systems are intended for simultaneous visual and instrumental monitoring and recording of multiple TV- and Radio- channels in real-time using one or several LCD-panels in multi-image mode.
Having been based on successful combination of versatile features including multichannel and multi-format abilities with high-level reliability MultiScreen system has been implemented in the projects of the largest Satellite and Cable operators, TV Channels, OTT operators and Television Headends all around the world.

Multi-ingest input cards working with 3G, HD/SD-SDI, ASI and Composite signals at the same time. The cards can be used as a basis for creating multichannel studio recording and slow motion replay systems, monitoring and TV broadcast recording systems (TV compliance recording), multichannel visual TV broadcast monitoring systems (multiviewers), rear-projection systems and multi-camera virtual studios, etc.
In\Out CG Cards working with HD/SD-SDI, ASI and Composite signals, which provide a basis for creation of on-air graphic design systems (CG-systems) and broadcasting video servers. Incorporating state-of-the-art technologies and cutting-edge achievements from the world of microelectronics in our cards makes them popular on both local and international markets.

Playout Software for SD and HD with simple graphics design abilities. Vplay supports all the common types of input AV-signals and transport streams, and all the widespread compression types and containers of media data.

Encoder HD/SD-SDI and Composite to IP TS.  Highly efficient server for encoding of AV-signals in real-time MultiEncoder is intended for solving of wide spread tasks.
Flexible and cost effective approaches of MultiEncoder do not depend on hardware platform, what allows using it on servers from different vendors with configuration, suitable to your tasks.


Production process automation system for Large, Medium and Small broadcasting companies.

The system supports all the stages of operation. From the content ingest, description and preparation, creation of preliminary line-ups and daily broadcasting schedules, registration of commercials and arrangement of commercial blocks, broadcast preparation and automation, to the control and analysis of broadcasting results.


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