Hardware and software for TV stations operation management

Stream Labs manufactures and supplies professional television hardware and software for central and regional television companies, satellite and cable television, music, news informational and sports channels and programs.

AV signal monitoring

Stream MultiScreen system is intended for simultaneous visual and instrumental monitoring ofmultiple video and audio sources in real-time using one or several LCD-panels in multi-imagemode. Having been based on successful combination of versatile features including multichanneland multi-format abilities with high-level reliability Stream MultiScreen 4.0 system hasbeen implemented in the projects of the largest Russian operators.

Stream MultiView XT is an ideal light solution for visual monitoring of multichannel video and audio signal. It supports various input/output cards that use Direct Show technology in their drivers.

Multichannel recording (ingest and logging)

Stream MultiRecv2.0. is an advanced audio/video logging software for digital non-stop recording for full-time TV channels.

VRec reasonable solution for multichannel ingest of live video streams. Captures in MPEG2 and AVC/H.264 codecs in manual mode or by record list.

Playout automation

Stream Labs software, allows to solve a wide spectrum of tasks, from comprehensive broadcast automation, graphic design of television programs, SMS-chat and real-time voting composition, to company workflow automation, content management, teletext and hidden subtitles transfer.

Cards for Multi-Ingest

Multi-ingest inputcards working with 3G, HD/SD-SDI, ASI and Composite signals at the same time.The cards can be used asa basis for creating multichannel studio recording and slow motion replay systems, monitoring and TV broadcast recording systems (loggers), multichannel visual TV broadcast monitoring systems (multiviewers), rear-projection systems and multi-camera virtual studios, etc.

I\O CG Cards

Stream Labs manufactures multi-functional highly technological computer cards, which provide a basis for creation of on-air graphic design systems (CG-systems) and broadcasting video servers. Incorporating state-of-the-art technologies and cutting-edge achievements from the world of microelectronics in our cards makes them popular on both local and international markets. Stream Labs cards are used as hardware basis for such software manufacturers as Alpha Pro, Playbox, CORG Computers, Radio 5, Dupraz Media and others.


Meteostation module for temperatre/atmosphere pressure/humidity measurement. Meteostation module is used with playout and CG systems (for ex. TELE 2.2). TELE 2.2 software allows to adjust the appearance, position on the screen, font style, background and, if necessary, the interchange of temperature and time parameters.

Test Pattern Generator TPG is a compact, portable device with extreme usability, designed to generate test video signals to assess resolution, dynamic range, and colour rendition in video monitors, video servers and nonlinear editing systems after digitization and compression.

To increase the system operational reliability, we recommended to use our WatchDog USB Timer device in computers which operate in automatic round-the-clock mode without operator supervision.

GPI I/O USB expansion cards.USBdiscrete input/output expansion cards are designed to enhance systems and devices by the supply of the required number of discrete inputs / outputs with galvanic isolation. The cards are equipped withWatchDog to track the status of your computer and restart it in the case of hanging.

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