VPlay 4 – multichannel broadcasting with CG

VPlay 4 is multifunctional and at the same time simple for use server for multi-format, multi-channel broadcasting with graphics overlay capabilities. It supports all major audio/video input signals and widespread formats of media files.

VPlay 4 provides all necessary functionality for the following tasks:

  • Forming of on-air, satellite, cable, IndorTV and Internet TV channels
  • Up to 10 Full HD 1080 p60 channels for broadcasting/graphics overlay on a single PC
  • Overlay of TV content with media content, and graphics overlay in manual and auto modes
  • Playlist in a loop with possibility of fast switching between playlists.
  • Client-server architecture - control of the server by client software either locally or remotely.
  • Playback of media files in various widespread formats combined in one playlist.
  • Simulcast SD/HD broadcast

In addition, users of VPlay will be very comfortable with the scheduling, namely: editing of current schedule on a fly, forward scheduling for unlimited number of days, remote scheduling using built-in editor, import from different formats, and jump to any selected element of the schedule. All these are just a small fraction of the capabilities of VPlay.

Main features

  • Simultaneous and independent operation of several channels.
  • Multi-channel playout.
  • Client-server architecture – control of server’s functionality by client software
  • Remote scheduling and use of built-in editor of Vplay Channel Manager.
  • Remote scene editor for graphics overlay Vplay Scene Editor.
  • Playback of major widespread media formats.

Main features of Vplay Control

  • Setup of channels with various formats
  • Setup of input signals
  • Setup of output for AV (dedicated video card is required) and IP signals with different settings and for various formats
  • Possibility to use single capture card for AV-signal for several channels simultaneously.
  • Setup of conversion for the format of input AV-signal separately for each channel.
  • IP and WEB broadcasting concurrently with AV-signal, with adjustable stream bitrates, resolution and bitrates.
  • Possibility for visual monitoring of any input and output in real time.

Main features of Vplay Channel Manager

  • Control of work modes: playlist in a loop, daily schedule
  • Forward scheduling for unlimited number of days
  • Editing of the schedule on a fly
  • Jump to a playback of any selected element in the schedule.
  • Separate VPlay Channel Manager for each TV channel.
  • Work modes: control of the channel broadcast, creation and editing of the schedule
  • Link of graphics overlay to elements of the schedule using “secondary events” technology.
  • User interface with flexible positioning of application windows on a PC monitor. Possibility for work in multi-monitor mode by positioning of panels on different areas of the monitor(s).
  • Displaying of last element for previous day and first element for next day while editing current day schedule.
  • Support of mixed elements in a schedule: media clips, Live inputs, empty slots, events with manual control.
  • Automated insertion of inter-program and advertisement blocks into scheduled pass-thru AV-signal according to GPI, DTMF signals and SCTE-35 marks.
  • Clipping of media files.

Main features of Vplay Scene Editor

  • Forming of the scenes in multi-layered approach, individually for each program. Scenes can consist of titles, crawls, PIP, video effects, logotypes, RSS news, etc.
  • Forming of analog and digital clocks (of any size) with background audio where animation is based on a sequence of TGA files.
  • Preview of graphics design

Technical parameters

Input interfaces and formats:

  • SD/HD-SDI (Embedded audio)
  • Composite/S-Video/YUV (Analog Audio: balanced/unbalanced)
  • IP TS  SD/HD (MPEG 2, AVC/H264, HEVC/H265)
  • HDMI (SD, 720p, 1080i, 1080p)
  • NewTek NDI®

Output interfaces and formats:

  • SD/HD-SDI (Embedded audio)
  • Composite/S-Video/YUV (Analog Audio: balanced/unbalanced)
  • HDMI (SD, 720p, 1080i, 1080p)
  • IP TS  SD/HD (MPEG 2, AVC/H264, HEVC/H265)
  • NewTek NDI®

Input/output circuit boards

Application supports circuit boards produced by StreamLabs, BlackMagic, AJA and Dectek. It allows building of broadcast servers with any number and type of input/output interfaces for AV-signals.

Supported SD/HD formats and codecs for media files:


Codecs: DVCAM, DVCPRO25, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO100, HDV, IMX (30,40,50), XDCAM EX (SP, HQ), XDCAM HD (LP, SP, HQ), XDCAM HD422, DNxHD (36,145,220), AVC/H-264, MPEG2 GOP, Apple ProRes.


Graphics design compliments functionality with logotypes and multi-layered scenes prepared in advance. Graphics design is controlled in auto or manual mode with the linkage to primary event in schedule/playlist. Scene can contain many graphics elements, located on the timeline of the scene. 

Elements of graphics design:

Animated /static objects, text, RSS, roll/crawl, analog/digital clock, mask, live source, colored rectangle.

Automatic overlay:

Application supports external signals for start of primary events of playlist. Types of external signals, which control input: DTMF, SCTE-35, GPI.

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