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Encoder SDI Analog to IP TS

Encoding AV-signals(SDI\Composite) to IP TS UDP H.264\Mpeg-2

Highly efficient server for encoding of AV-signals in real-time MultiEncoder is intended for solving of wide spread tasks. 
Flexible and cost effective approaches of MultiEncoder do not depend on hardware platform, what allows using it on servers from different vendors with configuration, suitable to your tasks.

Input interfaces: 
  • Composite (NTSC, PAL, SECAM)
  • SD-SDI (SMPTE-259M, 10 bit, 270 Mbit/s)
  • HD-SDI (SMPTE-292M, 10 bit, 1,5 Gbit/s)
Output interfaces: 
  • Ethernet. Transport stream MPEG-2 TS (UDP). Video - AVC/H.264 - Profiles - Baseline, Main, High, all levels; MPEG-2 - Profiles - Simple, Main, High and 4:2:2, all levels. Audio - AAC, MPEG-1/2 Audio. Generation of NIT, PAT, PMT, SDT, TDT tables.


  • Conversion of interlaced scan into progressive;
  • Frame resizing;
  • Arbitrary aspect ratio.

Control functions: 

  • Hardware settings for capture cards;
  • Settings for multiplexing and transport stream specification;
  • Network settings;
  • Settings for pre-processing and encoding;
  • Web-interface for monitoring and control of coding server;
  • Monitoring of system information. 


  • Encoding of input stream with various resolutions/bitrates;
  • Encoding of multi-channel audio  (only for  AAC codec). Embedded SDI audio can be arbitrarily combined with encoded multi-channel audio;
  • Opportunity to increase a count of broadcasted channels; or to launch HDTV broadcast without expanding of broad band;
  • Money savings on purchases of high-end equipment due to highly efficient use of processing power;
  • High quality video;
  • Support for hardware acceleration;
  • Big potential for scaling;
  • User web-interface for monitoring and control of coding server, based on administrative access rights; possibility for video preview at  the inputs of capture cards;
  • Continuity of output stream upon interruption of input signal due to encoding of  headband.


  • IPTV, CDN solutions;
  • Major DVB-T/C/S stations;
  • Video surveillance systems;
  • Video conferences;
  • Real-time video processing. 

MultiEncoder supports multi-channel capture cards, manufactured by Stream Labs: 

  • MS416 – 16 independent analog inputs and 16 line stereo-audio inputs. Supports NTSC(M/4.43)/PAL(B/D/G/H/I/K/L/M/N/60)/SECAM standards for analog video;
  • MS2/4 – 2/4 independent, software switchable inputs SD-SDI;
  • MS2+/4+ – 2/4 independent, software switchable inputs SD-SDI/CVBS. 4 linear stereo-audio inputs;
  • MH4LM – 4 independent, software switchable inputs SD-SDI/HD-SDI/CVBS. 4 linear stereo-audio inputs.

Efficiency (server unit 1U based on two Intel Xeon E5-2680 CPU): 

  • Up to 8 channels AVC Full HD
  • Up to 32 channels AVC SD
  • Up to 32 channels MPEG-2 SD
Encoding standarts Multiplexing
Video Encoder options Audio Encoder options

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