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Transcoder IP TS

Part of MultiRec software which allows to re-encode TS to the lower bitrate and resolution. 

Input: UDP and RTP IP TS HD or SD\Multicast ot Unicast\SPTS or MPTS\H.264 or Mpeg-2 with any Audio Codec. 
Output: UDP IP TS\Multicast ot Unicast\SPTS\H.264 with AAC. 
Scaling to: 544х480\320х240\272х240 
Output Video bitrate: 400 Kbit - 16 Mbit 
Output Audio bitrate: 64 Kbit - 256 Kbit 
Aspect Ration: Any Custom Adjustable or Original 
Text Overlay allows to make Date and Time Stamp, Channel name or any Text Overlay during the transcoding TS in Real Time.

Transcoding options 

Basic block- diagram which describe how can to work internal modules inside MultiRec


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