Encoder Mosaic to IP TS

MultiScreen software.

MultiScreen is capable of encoding of incoming video from various sources to one (or a few) Mosaics in IP TS. 

View for Mosaic layout can be customized depending in needs (Size of Video Windows, Audio Bars, Text, Clocks and etc..)  

Input Sources for Mosaic:                                                  

TSoIP - H264Mpeg-2SPTSMPTSMulticastUnicast              UDP TSoIP 
Composite (NTSC, PAL, SECAM);                                          SPTS and MPTS 
SD-SDI                                                                                 Multicast and Unicast
HD-SDI                                                                                 Video encoder: MPEG-2 SDHD or H.264 SDHD
DVB-ASI                                                                               Any customized Resolution for Mosaic from 1920x1080 till 320x240.
DVB-T/T2                                                                              Any customized Bitrate 200Kbit - 30 Mbit.
DVB-C/C2                                                                             Support for generation NIT, PAT, PMT, SDT tables
DVB-S/S2                                                                              Ability to specify the service name in SDT table. 
RF Analog (NTSC, PAL, SECAM);                                                 
FLASH RTMP streams                                                                        
HLS (HTTP Live Streaming Monitoring)                                             

Example of Mosaic Encoder for set-top boxes  

Multiplexer, included in Encoder, allows producing MPTS from a few different Mosaics or encoding sources to one mux.

Example of encoded Mosaics, implemented by our customers 


Examples of SD and HD SDI 
Mosaics, implemented by our Customers

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