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MS Round-Robin feature

MultiScreen allows changing of configurations in dynamical loop mode according to the time in playlist.

This feature provides control of TS TV channels at any point of CDN(Content Delivery Network) - after Downlink, Encoders, Multiplexers, Receivers, Transcoders, before Uplink ... and after other devices with signal processing.

Such mode of MultiScreen operation requires minimum quantity of licenses for Monitoring software and minimum servers and other equipment, what allows saving space in a rack and monitoring rooms, saving money and “real estate” on TV Screens.

Special feature - rotation of configurations (round-robin) - requires special license.

Basic diagram - Scanning in different points of Head End

Example of MultiMonitor tool "State Panel" - operation at different stages of signal monitoring.

Basic diagram - Scanning for Transponder by Transponder

Example of MultiMonitor tool "State Panel" - operation with different Transponders of signal monitoring.

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