Re-streamer incoming TS to IP

MultiScreen software

MultiScreen allows retransmitting of TS from any sources to IP TS UDP.

Simple retransmission of TS does not allow making any changes in original transport stream, so bitrate, tables, PID's, etc. stay intact.


Supported Inputs:

IP/Ethernet (ETSI TS 102 034). MPEG-2 TS (ISO/IEC 13818-1), MPTS or SPTS 
DVB-ASI (ETSI EN 50083-9). Bitrate range 0..214 Mbit/s; 
DVB-T/T2 (ETSI EN 300 744, 302 755); 
DVB-S/S2 (ETSI EN 300 421, EN302-307, EN301-210); 
DVB-C/C2 (ETSI EN 300 429 Annex A/B/C); 
HLS (HTTP Live Streaming Monitoring) 

Supported de-multiplexor for production of SPTS channels.

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