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Stream Labs at Channel One Russia.

10 Jul 2018
Technicians of «Channel One Russia Worldwide» control TV-services feeded to the satellite and cable operators using Stream MultiScreen monitoring system. Downlink from the satellite and all terrestrial signals are also controlled by Stream MultiScreen system. With Stream MultiRec software these signals are being recorded as well as the CCTV cameras in the switch rooms.

To the moment STREAM Labs equipment provides visual and instrumental control for 80SD and 80HD channels and compliance recording for 40SD and 30HD channels. This monitoring system has been supplied and installed in the beginning of 2016. In March, 2016 STREAM Labs engineers have accomplished SAT and the system was fully passed to operation. The system totally fulfills its tasks and in the future expansion is planned. With one of the main conditions to keep or even decrease the space occupied in the racks along with the increasement of total system perfomance and number of channels controlled. There are also ideas on software development. In common, we've got a lot of things to do and we are really thankful to «Channel One Russia Worldwide» for trust and cooperation.