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VPlay 4.1: a new release of the video playout software

20 Sep 2018
Stream Labs presents a new version of the software for playout servers VPLay. There are added new technical features and changed UI to make it more user friendly. nience of working with UI.

The main new features: the ability to use RTMP, RTSP, HLS as sources of signals. Now VPlay has become even closer to those people who work with the Internet. Now, There is an opportunity to compose playlists and make commercials using the signals of network TV channels, web cameras, etc.

To the purely technical new features, support for Stream Labs MH8 and AJA boards for the input and technology of Newtek NDI for input-output can be attributed. The Stream MH8 card allows you to arrange for the server to receive 8 input sources in the SDI. On NewTek NDI should pay attention those, who is migrate from coaxial cabling (SDI) to network workflow inside the studio.. Also added DTMF detection for the input TS UDP / ASI streams and Newtek NDI.

In the Channel Manager, the number of tags is increased for use in schedules and when displaying graphic objects. Added a visual representation of the graphic layers with the names and timings for the graphics on-air. The control panel for graphic on-air is added.

In the Scene editor, the ability to automatically update information, received from RSS and text files added. Some additional changes: now it is possible to select the basic style of the text object, set the number of repeats of the crawl. Not possible to choose the wrong files for the channel – files can be can be selected only from the preset TV channel folder.

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