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UTV-Media choice – Stream Labs solution

27 Sep 2018

One of the leaders in entertainment broadcasting in Russia – UTV-Media – has chosen Stream MultiScreen and MultiRec for monitoring of quality and recording for archiving of U, MUS-TV and Disney TV channels.

This is how CTO of UTV-Media Vladimir Rybkin describes advantages of MultiScreen, MultiRec and MultiMonitor: «Despite the fact that MultiScreen and MultiRec are absolutely free-standing systems, they are physically installed on one server what is very important considering limitations in space in COD (or cost of lease). It is important that system allow “police” recording concurrently with visual and instrumental monitoring, and everything takes place on one physical server. Having said that, there is no need to install servers in areas where personnel is situated. Personnel is alerted by controlling panel MultiMonitor, which collects data from all active servers about beginning and an end of emergency; moreover, it allows analyzing of an archive of malfunctions for long period of time. In addition, quick response of technical support to our requests, problems and suggestions is very important to us».

We would like to add: our clients are able to monitor quality not only in operating room. MultiMonitor picture can encoded into IP-stream for transmission to any location, and can be reviewed on a smart phone.