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Stream Labs has seen The Southern Cross

28 Nov 2018

Stream Labs always tries not to miss any event relating to broadcasting industry wherever it happens. Stream Labs representatives visited a spring city of Cape Town and participated in Africa Com 2018 exhibition. Africa Com is the most prominent annual exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere. The African continent shows serious and promising growth of TV services in the last years. The company STREAM Labs firmly decided to increase its presence in this market.

On the AfricaCom 2018 numerous business meetings were held with new partners and old friends, major operators and integrators that doing business there: Jasco, Aucom, Sentech and many others. A new version of the VPlay playout for IP broadcasting was presented to colleagues. On top of that the presentations of “classic” Stream Labs products, such as the Multi Screen monitoring system and the Multi Rec compliance recording system, were conducted. The company Stream Labs was also pleased to present a new product - the VRec multichannel recording software, which supports a lot of compression standards and file containers.

The presentations were not limited to showing the software features. Stream Labs provides its future customers with opportunity to try the solutions in action and it supplies demo versions by request. Any interested company (and not only African, of course :-)) can receive the Stream Labs solution for testing on its site by making a request by phone: +371 66015710 or by email