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Commendation letter from tropics

26 Nov 2019

So, another journey of Stream Labs’ experts to warm countries came to its end.

Besides meetings and roadshow for broadcasters and system integrators in South-West Pacific area, STREAM LABS participated in a big event.

This event was 45th KBP Top Level management conference in Philippines (KBP is a state regulator body of broadcasting in Philippines) and it surprisingly brought STREAM LABS a appreciation letter for «…support, involvement and excellent performance to improve Broadcast industry through efforts and assistance to KBP».

Philippine broadcasters take serious measures to turn the industry on digital way. In the same time STREAM LABS products developed especially for working in multi-channel digital environment. It is a reason why our products always attract so much attention in this part of the world.

We are grateful to our Philippine friends for such appreciation of our work.

Some shots to illustrate time at STREAM LABS booth at the conference and presentation of STREAM LABS products.