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Russia’s First Cloud HD TV Broadcast service powered by STREAM LABS!

13 Jan 2020

      CDNVideo and  STREAM LABS just announced the first cloud-based TV Playout service in Russia. The solution was created for the Russian broadcaster OCEAN-TV, a Pay-TV subscription channel, and has been in commercial operation since December 2018. The broadcast is in HD format, utilizing over 700 points of presence and the CDNvideo content distribution network(CDN) providing uninterrupted streaming of the Ocean-TV signal to Internet viewers around the world. The cloud-based playout is hosted on the GPUcloud datacenter infrastructure created by CDNVideo.

       The solution is based on the VPLAY video playout server technology developed by STREAM LABS. VPLAY is a scalable, infrastructure agnostic platform with over a decade of innovation in its heritage, VPLAY is an enterprise class platform that can run on private or public cloud infrastructure as well as dedicated hardware. It is a feature rich playout solution with support for subtitles, SCTE and DTMF tone tags, and local Ad insertion tags generation. Playback modes can either be based on a playlist or a schedule. VPlay supports multi-layer CGI with transparency, logo insertion, banners, and text crawl. 

     Ocean-TV selected the solution from CDNvideo and Streamlabs to speed up time to market and reduce launch costs. Playout maintenance and operations are provided by CDNVideo and STREAM LABS. Outsourcing the video playout and content distribution to CDN video and Streamlabs, helps Ocean-TV achieve economies of scale by allowing unlimited subscriber growth without the need for added technical expertise or expensive hardware upgrades. This frees up the operator to focus on its core business and not worry about day to day operations and uptime reliability. The ability to launch new TV channels without large upfront CAPEX, nor requiring added technical expertise or new hardware, provides an affordable solution to content originators to experiment with new TV channel launches at a fraction of the cost of building all the services in-house. This translates to agile launches of new services at unprecedented speed and very low cost.