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The latest features in our product line

23 Mar 2021

Welcome Spring – The promise of spring’s arrival is enough to get through the bitter winter!

Our team at Stream Labs has been very busy this winter. We are always working diligently on new features and functionality based on customer requests. We wish to update you on some of the latest features that we have added to our product line:

MultiScreen – Multiviewer Visualization and Monitoring System:

  • Visualization engine upgraded for Cloud use;
  • Updated encoding and video compression hardware and software modules;
  • Updated Mosaic to support multiple audio tracks and the ability to burn in system time on ingest;
  • Mosaic support for pubic network delivery. Optimized streaming performance across unpredictable networks such as the Internet;
  • Added SRT protocol support as well as new DeckLink SDK to support the latest cards.

VPLAY 5 – Video Playout System:

  • Remote workflow optimization (Remote Production);
  • Routed networks support mode;
  • New remote feature via SRT with low delay;
  • SRT redundancy via Caller/Listener mode support for live feeds;
  • New NVIDIA graphics accelerators support for added system expansion and density;
  • Rivermax 1.6 SDK support for NVIDIA® Mellanox® ConnectX® cards;
  • NVIDIA TESLA GPU support for virtual environments;
  • Improved error reporting for CG.

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