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We constantly work on improving our products.

20 Oct 2014
We constantly work on improving our products, recently we expanded possibilities of our VPlay playout software and would like to share more information about some innovations. Now with VPlay it is possible to not only arrange TV channels broadcasting to internet, same channel can be broadcasted on different hardware outputs and IP with different settings.

Transport streams (UDP, RTP/RTSP) can be added to shedule now along with signal from capture card.

We developed a new schedule editor and a handy calendar for creating a schedule for unlimited period and ability to copy a schedule for any day.

VPlay software consists of the following modules:

VPlay Asset Editor for creating a library of assets, that later can be used in a schedule. Allows to create a category, such as news, movies, ads, add description to a clip, create a block of clips, edit start and end timecode of the clip, and change clips length.

VPlay Channel Manager for creating and editing a schedule and broadcasting control. Channel Manager works in two modes — playout mode and editing mode, which allows to set a schedule for unlimited number of days, add logos, scenes, secondary events, live sources, receiving of GPI commands for control over schedule playout and control over external Kramer MTX devices.

VPlay Control Panel - server module, which allows to launch, stop and relaunch a server. Gives an ability of broadcasting visual control, choose a channel and show information about it, launc a preview of a live channel from a capture card.

VPlay Scene Editor for creating of static and dynamic logos, static and dynamic text, clock and secondary events.

VPlay Report for creating reports, contains data about played clips, when a clip was broadcasted, for how long and more.

VPlay Monitor intended for implementation of remote control over broadcasting one ore several channels.

Three modules for creating static and dynamic texts.
  • VPlay Text Style Editor for creating text styles.
  • VPlay Content Template Editor for creating text templates.
  • VPlay Text Content for forming, filling and setting a running line.