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Whats new in OPlan latest version 2.6

19 Apr 2015
OPLAN  – this is a software for automation of production cycles of TV company, including current and future planning; content and media management; control of purchasing and proprietary manufacturing; media planning; reporting and financial management.. 
OPLAN supports broadcasting servers and automated play-out systems of the major manufacturers: Imagine Communications, SkyLark, Softlab, Cinegy, PlayBox.

OPLAN is well known for reliable and convenient solution for operation, and currently is being used by over 50 TV companies worldwide.
New features of OPLAN 2.6:

Support of automated broadcast 
New version facilitates support of automated broadcast, namely for: Imagine Communications -  ADC1000/Versio, D-Series. Also, it has been added support of new version of Softron OnTheAir.  
There has been expanded support for secondary events in SkyLark and Forward automated systems. Transfer of data, necessary for formation of secondary events is facilitated via field values and attributes in play list.
Module for integration with external systems OPLAN GATEWAY now supports exchange of media metadata with Dalet MAM
Built-in player with option for marking

Player supports play-out and marking/segmentation of AVI, MOV, MXF, MPЕG-2/4, AVC, HEVC/H.265, DNxHD, VP9, ProRes files. Memory cashing provides smooth playback of files, including HD files with highest bitrates.  It allows a comfortable previewing of video content within a network, even with mediocre broadband 

Quantity of video channels with possibility of listening of a single channel and their mixing has been increased to 256. 
Also, option for visual monitoring on PC monitor of «inversed » fields (in TFF or BFF modes) has been added to a player. 
OPLAN supports BlackMagic DeckLink  card for displaying on TV monitor of played (via OPLAN) video.
Media planning

New version significantly enhances auto formation of advertisement blocks with respect to media planning including boundaries of the commercials.
Auto placement now works not only for commercials, but for any content, which requires rotation. Promos, social advertisement, etc. are being inserted in corresponding blocks.  

Control of domestic content share on premium channels
The remodeled module for planning utilizes compliance with “Law about advertisement on premium channels”, and observation of domestic content share. It monitors domestic content share during formation of entire content for the broadcast. 

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